For ScaleUp, values are a key part of how we operate and help determine how we run campaigns for our clients. Here are some of our key values and how they are used.

Give before getting

We commonly advise clients to give something valuable to prospects first before asking for anything in return. It could be a valuable guide, an article or a free consultation. This enables you to come across as a useful resource.

This is also why we have a blog and regularly share content on LinkedIn.

Educate to build trust​
We find that the best educators are the best salespeople. This is because prospects are more likely to trust someone who has taught them something valuable first. So we often advise clients  to provide free evaluations and demos in their first meeting to help their prospects realise problems and to visualise possible solutions.
Collect and act on data​
Decisions should be as informed as possible. With every client, we collect data to learn and improve results. Specifically, we focus on the number of people who connect and reply. This is an essential part of learning from both good and bad outcomes.
Only sell to actual needs​
ScaleUp has turned down clients we cannot help and has terminated campaigns that did not work. This is because a business relationship has to be a win-win situation—not only to survive but also to grow. To keep us honest, we use data from current and past campaigns and tell clients after 30 days if we don’t think their campaigns have a market fit.
Systemise and scale​

To save time for ourselves and our clients, we often suggest tools and methods for increasing effectiveness whenever possible. The ultimate goal is to increase results and decrease the amount of effort put into achieving them.

These values are integrated into our own sales funnel. If you want to experience it firsthand or have any questions, sign up for a free strategy session here.

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