How can you tweak your LinkedIn profile in 30 minutes so that customers chase YOU?

Learn the simple steps to reach more decision-makers.

The real reasons you’re not getting more leads from LinkedIn:

Let’s not over-complicate this.

To get quality inquiries on LinkedIn, your profile first needs to be found. Then your content needs to be good enough for prospects to want to speak with you. If anyone is telling you any different or making it sound too complex, they’re probably lying.

It all starts with your profile.

The five biggest mistakes professionals like you make on their LinkedIn profile:

No clear focus.

Why list everything you’ve done? Cut to the chase and talk about the elements that will encourage your target audience to contact you.

Poor choice of banner and profile images.

The top banner and profile image are the first things that profile visitors look at. They need to “talk to them”.

Too much “me” talk.

What can you do for the reader? Demonstrate value to your target audience so that they want to contact you.

Too little content.

Have you uploaded samples of your work as proof of how you help your target audience? No? You’re missing out on leads.

No clear call to action.

What do you want the reader to do next? Message you? Without a clear call to action, you leave them unsure.

In your free strategy session, we will identify where your profile can be improved and I’ll pass on some tips for getting started on fixing it up.

And the biggest mistake you’re making on LinkedIn?

Few professionals have a strategy in place for consistently sharing valuable content, demonstrating a value-giving mindset that makes a real-world difference to how your target audience views you.

Learn what you can do differently in
30 minutes

Fortunately for you, most professionals are making mistakes like the above. That includes your competition.

It means you have an opportunity to stand out from them.

In our 30-minute strategy session, I’ll show you how to improve your profile by focusing on three elements that your competitors are not including in their LinkedIn presence:


To trigger action in your target audience, you need to understand their emotions. How does it feel to be in their shoes?


Why should a prospect get in contact with you? Do you have a clear message demonstrating value and expertise as a reason to get in touch?


Where is the proof that what you say is true? It’s the evidence you provide that will make you irresistible to prospects.

Who am I?

My name is Bjarne Viken. My digital marketing strategy focuses exclusively on generating quality leads through LinkedIn.

With over a decade in online marketing and a LinkedIn focus since 2018, I’ve seen what a lead machine the platform can become for B2B consultants.

During that time, I’ve helped countless professionals turn their LinkedIn presence into one that pays off handsomely…

Want more enquiries? Start doing things differently from today…

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