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Growth-minded business owners wanting to fill their LinkedIn inbox with new potential clients and strategic partners.

Who are struggling with…

Accessing higher-level clients

Putting in place an effective sales process

Growing their business based on data

To fill your inbox with interested potential clients and strategic partners, we focus on…

Here is what the
LinkedIn Magnet Method

Review of your current LinkedIn profile
Suggested tweaks to your profile
Campaign creation and management
Bi-weekly calls to review and improve your closing process
Weekly campaign update
Access to the mastermind group
Email support


“If you need to find clients and want to use a direct marketing campaign on LinkedIn to do so, Bjarne knows what he's doing and will guide you until you succeed. But not only that, he freely gives out good sales wisdom and counsel, too. Simply put, Bjarne produces results.

He understands the entire sales process and will help you in whatever area or juncture you're weak in because he is a student of business and understands sales and business development thoroughly.

And last, but hardly least, he is honest and someone you can trust, which makes him a valued asset to any business or venture who uses his services.”

“I highly recommend working with Bjarne! He has provided enormous value and insight to my business and never fails to deliver. He is solutions oriented, direct, knowledgeable, and always eager to modify systems for optimal results.”

“Working with Bjarne put me on a trajectory of unexpected proportions. Once he helped me get organized and I discovered my niche, Bjarne ran a campaign for me when I decided to focus on ghostwriting for those in the STEM professions—from educators to experts in their science, technology, engineering, and mathematical fields. Within a week of starting the campaign, I asked Bjarne to stop the campaign, as I've had TONS of interest and have calls booked through the end of the month!”

“Bjarne is an expert when it comes to utilizing the power of LinkedIn connections. I worked with him over the period of several months to help me find strategic partners and resources for my market.

The quality of individuals he connected me with has had a profound impact on my business. I am connecting with leaders and subject matter experts whom I never would have found if not for his skill set.

He is highly organized and set up recurring feedback with me (every two weeks) where he showed me metrics (yes!!) tracking the success of the campaigns. He also listened to the areas I needed help in due to the growth he ignited and gave me additional resources to use.

He is the perfect business partner. Smart, selfless, and synergistic!! ScaleUp is the perfect name for his company because that's exactly what he produces! Success is always done in a network, and Bjarne embodies this truth.”

“Bjarne isn't just a solid digital marketing strategist who harnesses the power of LinkedIn to promote a client's brand. He's also a built-in business coach who has always provided me with exceptional advice, earning my trust, respect and admiration along the way.

His matter-of-fact approach helps motivate creative folks like me to become much better business people. I see incredible value in his services. He hustles for every dime and goes above and beyond.

He's the epitome of a Go-Giver, the title of an outstanding business book that he highly recommended and, in fact, required me to read over the recent Christmas-New Year's holiday when I was off the grid. I know from experience that anyone who hires him will see their career go to the next level.”


Packages range from $950-$2,500 a month.


Proven track record of getting results
[market fit]

Coachable and willing to learn sales

Committed to excellence with integrity

Bonus: An existing client refers you

Frequently Asked Questions

The method is for any growth-minded solopreneur or business owner who is ready to take their business to the next level.
The Magnet Method consists of first making your business a magnet by ensuring your profile clearly communicates exactly what customers are looking for and then strategically connecting you with people who could either buy or connect you with buyers.
If there is a demand for your product or service, the Magnet Method can work in a matter of weeks. That is what the 14-day trial is for.
The biggest requirement for using the Magnet Method is a willingness to implement systems. It will also be helpful if you are a go-giver willing to reply quickly to incoming replies.
If you are selling a product or service and you have no data about whether there is a market for it, then the Magnet Method will not work. You need to already know your existing audience pretty well.