15 minutes to more views of your LinkedIn profile

  On : October 13, 2015    By : Bjarne , Scaleup   In : LinkedIn , 

I have spent a lot of time trying to find creative ways to get more out of LinkedIn. It is, by far, my favourite social network because it is the most to the point and the cleanest online place I know. Read More  

Which elements are the most critical in growth hacking?

  On : September 8, 2015    By : Bjarne , Scaleup   In : LinkedIn , Growth hacking , market strategy , Online marketing , optimization , 

A very common buzz term these days is growth hacking. It can be understood as the art and science of rapidly growing a business. However, beyond that, how do you break it down? What are the specific elements of effecti...

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3 little fixes that can increase your eCommerce sales by more than 100%

Getting more sales from eCommerce sites can be very important; particularly, as cost per click prices go up. However, the question might be how to get more sales when there is a limit to how much more you can spend on ...

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Improving Conversion Optimization for E-Commerce Websites

Consider the following scenario. You sell your businesses products through an online e-commerce store, but you’re not achieving the sales you were expecting. You may have just launched your e-commerce website a few weeks ago, or it may have been...

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How Would Aristotle Have Designed Your Website?

It is very easy to look for the latest trends in digital marketing to find something that could work for a new project. In this article, we will do the exact opposite. Instead of looking at new trends, we ...

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