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3 Key Reasons Why You Are Losing Money on Adwords

  On : September 29, 2015    By : Bjarne , Scaleup   In : Adwords , market strategy , optimization , User experience (UX) , Web design , 

I recently taught a crash course on Google Adwords. To get up to speed, I read 4–5 books on the topic and decided to read a few other sources than just the ones provided by Google. In the process I learned a few things which might not exactly match...

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3 Reasons Why Your Homepage Is Blocking Your Sales

The homepage of any website normally gets the most traffic. This is the first page most visitors see and often leads them to the rest of the website. For lead-generating websites, where there is no purchase to be made ...

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How Would Aristotle Have Designed Your Website?

It is very easy to look for the latest trends in digital marketing to find something that could work for a new project. In this article, we will do the exact opposite. Instead of looking at new trends, we ...

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How To Build a Great Site On a Small Budget

One of the biggest challenges a lot of small business owners face is how to build a great website while only having a tiny budget. The good news is that you can get a good website built for a small amount; however, in order to do that, y...

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