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Based on the suggestions Bjarne made, our web ordering system saw increased traffic and conversion overnight. Over 20 web orders in the first night, all with actual profit. Even a few phone orders, and 5 email orders placed. So, all profit. 

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Enquires via the website have increased and conversion optimisation is measurably improved with a 101% increase.

Sean Stevens

Cambridge Immerse

Cambridge Immerse

Before I had a chance to get out my wallet, Bjarne and his team systematically dissected my website, told me what I was doing wrong, helped me streamline my sales process and formulate a plan of action to gear up growth -- And all of this before the initial consultation! I'm absolutely floored. It is refreshing to work with someone who understands that your success is imperative to help their business succeed as well. What can I say... WOW.

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My name is Bjarne Viken and I review and analyse websites to generate more sales. A few minutes one-on-one with me can be worth a lot to you because I review hundreds of websites every year. 

I also hold workshops on topics such as conversion optimization, growth hacking, and Google Analytics. I have previously presented to entrepreneurs in workshops held at General Assembly and Uber.

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Most websites are created by designers to be pretty - Not to convert. Get a free evaluation to find out:

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Where you are losing most customers

Why your conversions are low

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Why are you not flooded with customers?

You have spent a lot of money on getting a nice looking site, and maybe some big $$$ on SEO or paid advertising like Adwords. When it did not work out you might have gotten upset with whoever built the site, or whoever drove the traffic.

But why did it happen? 

Chances are the person who built your site was a web designer. He or she might have asked how you wanted the site to look like and in the end, you might have gotten something close which made you happy. 

The key problem is however that the function of your site is not to suit whatever esthetic preference you might have. It is to generate business. Sales, leads, calls, inquiries, you name it. 

However, if I go to your site, how easy is it to take the most important action you want me to take? If you want me to call, where is the phone number? If you want me to buy online, where do I go? How clearly do you explain what you do and what makes you different? How do you back it up with evidence so I can trust you? How fast do you get to the point so people don't leave your site?

What is the solution?

Let me rip your website into a thousand little pieces to figure out what the real problem is. Then you can start fixing it. Specifically, let me ask you questions like:

- What do you want me to do first on your site?

- Why should I buy your products or services?

- What makes you special?

- What is your sales process?

- Where on your site do you lose most sales?

Plus, once I look at your site, I might ask why you are doing this and that :-)



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My personal guarantee to you:

Let us talk for an hour to learn about you and your business. I will give you specific suggestions and advice for getting more sales. If you have implemented what I suggested and not seen an increase in 30 days I will work with you for free until your sales are doubled. 

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