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It might surprise you to know “that many sites fail to convert because there is no outside perspective. Many business owners simply become so involved in what they are doing that they are no longer able to look at their site with fresh, new eyes. This is where we can help you. Having evaluated hundreds of websites, we are able to quickly identify which errors could be slowing you down.

I can show you…

Which elements are
distracting visitors
from buying

Whether your site
is view-able on all
mobile devices

Whether you have a
clear value

Specific areas where you
could improve your

Plus much, much more

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My name is Bjarne Viken and I help small business owners grow
their business online. In addition to working with companies, I
also hold workshops about topics such as conversion
optimization, growth hacking and Google Analytics. I have
previously presented to entrepreneurs in workshops held at
General Assembly and Uber.During your session, I will ask you detailed questions about your
business to get a clear idea of why your website might be
underperforming. I will also give you specific suggestions on
areas where you can improve. Finally, we can also discuss how to
best implement these suggestions, so you can reach your goals

Previous Cients

  • “Based on the suggestions Bjarne made, our web order system saw increased traffic & conversion overnight. Over 20 web orders in the first day, all with actual profit. Even a few phone orders, and 5 email orders placed. So, all profit.”

    Simon Thomson, The Hobbyman PTY LTD (Jan 2015)

  • “Bjarne and his team are top-notch advocates for helping business owners build and market their wares through eCommerce. Real pros!”

    Edward Maznio,President at OfficeGUARDIAN

  • “I have worked with freelancers before and I’m positive that companies from around the world would love to have a team like this in-house. Before I had a chance to get out my wallet, Bjarne and his team systematically dissected my website, told me what I was doing wrong, helped me streamline my sales process and formulate a plan of action to gear up growth — And all of this before the initial consultation! I’m absolutely floored. It is refreshing to work with someone who understands that your success is imperative to help their business succeed as well. What can I say… WOW. I am looking forward to an exciting 2015 working with these guys.”

    Chris Powell, Manager Powell Brothers Company

Guaranteed results

If you implement all the suggestions exactly as they are given, and you do not see an increase in sales over the next 30 days, we will help you FOR FREE until your sales improve.

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Q: What exactly will be covered in the consultation?
I will show you which elements of your current website are detracting visitors from buying, what your website needs to be fully view-ble on all mobile devices, and how ou can improve your value proposition. At the end of the session you will have a checklist that provides a clear path of improvement for converting visitors.
Q: How much does an initial consultation cost?
The initial consultation is free. If there is a fit between us I may suggest working together. However, if I think it would benefit you more to go elsewhere I will do my best to point you in the right direction.
Q: Will my consultation be with you, personally?
Yes. I will be running the session and showing you how to improve conversions.
Q: My site does not have a lot of traffic, how would your service help me?
You will quickly learn the best ways to improve your site so you get a better return on your traffic budget and grow faster. It is actually a lot better to identify common errors early, so you can avoid future mistakes.
Q:I know I already have a problem with conversion, how will the consultation help me?
In addition to pointing out key areas which can be improved, you will also be given steps to help you grow afterwards. Getting more sales from your website is not about making a few quick fixes, but about continuous testing based on data.
Q:I don’t want to know what is wrong, I just want it fixed. Can you do that for me?
Yes, we can do a full audit of your site to find potential reasons why you are losing conversion. However, to fully understand the issues, we need to fully understand your business and the challenges you face on a day-to-day basis. Afterwards, our team can work on the site for you.

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