Reach out to decision makers on LinkedIn

Run targetted campaigns to get the leads you need - without breaking the bank

Free strategy session

How can you get me leads?

If you are a consultant or a company with a B2B offering we can help you get more sales by running targeted LinkedIn campaigns focused on your audience to generate leads for you. By doing this, we can systemise your growth and save you six to eight hours of manual work every day. 

1. Strategy session

To best understand if we can help you we need to first have a video chat to understand which challenges and goals you have in your business. 

2. Create proposal

If we think we can help you we will put together a proposal with a target market defined in LinkedIn Sales Navigator and draft copy for you to comment and improve on.

3. Targeted outreach

Depending on your needs we will start reaching out to your target audience and provide regular reporting on all results - good and bad in a spreadsheet updated weekly.

Client stories - still space for yours!

"Over 7-week period, 484 people responded to our offers and of those, 250 said "Yes," to receive more information. 6 conversions at $1,500 each." 

Nathan Segal - Ghostwriter 

"In the first two months, the quality and quantity of our enquiries inceased to the extent that I have had to ask to slow the campaign down so that I could catch up."

Russell Johnson - Career Strategist

Free strategy session