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Why choose us

ScaleUp is unlike any other company out there because we focus on providing small- and medium-sized businesses with the necessary edge to grow online.

We provide solutions that do not compromise quality, giving our clients a better long-term return on their investment. Our sites can save clients thousands of dollars in advertising because they load fast, are mobile friendly, and are built to get sales by having clear calls to action.

Our focus is also a little different. The offers you see on this website have been created because they was asked for.

linkedin1-robinRobin Vessey has 16 years of experience running Redgum, an award-winning software development company. Throughout that time, he has been approached hundreds of times by business owners asking him to create websites. Since that was not within the core expertise of his company, he had to say no. However, he listened to what his customers wanted and knew that one day, he would try to fill the gap between what his customers asked for and what was out there.

linkedin2-barneBjarne Viken have experience creating several online companies and is a cofounder of Digital Mined, a hotspot for learning online marketing for freelancers. Together with Rob, he identified that there were not a lot of web-development alternatives out there that not only understood what small- and medium-sized companies wanted but also had good solutions in place to help them grow their business cost-effectively. After a lot of coffee and hot chocolate, they agreed to work together to create a working system.

To learn more about how we can help you just contact us.