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Warm-Up Audits

If you are unsure why your website is not converting, it can be a good investment to get an independent audit report. This will help you understand why your site is not selling as well as it could. We have three different levels, depending on where you are at with your website:

“At a glance”

If you want an overview of the biggest problems that your site might have, then go for the Overview Audit Report. It is ideal for getting a clear picture of the major things you need to address.

With this option, we mainly focus on identifying what is stopping your landing and entry pages from performing as well as you want them to.

“Peak under the hood”

The Standard Audit goes one stage beyond the Overview Audit. As well as looking into your website for conversion blocks, it also looks underneath the hood of your website by going into your website’s coding and development to find what might hinder your conversion.

This option is ideal for those that also want to get a basic understanding of any underlying issues that might be hindering your website from performing.

“Must know everything”

If you need to get to the bottom of everything, understand everything, and get an in-depth, comprehensive evaluation of what is happening to your site, then this package is for you.

These are detailed reports written by conversion optimization experts that cover everything you need to understand and address the issues that are preventing your business from achieving.

This package is ideal if you know you have big problems and want to get them sorted out as soon as possible. Not only will we help you gain a comprehensive understanding of what is happening, we will also tell you exactly how to solve it.

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“By far the best wireframe I have ever seen with a lot of thought and depth put into it. Sandip is outstanding. Also excellent in his communication and very willing to make adjustments.”