How To Best Spend Your Kickstarter Money Online

  On : April 28, 2015    By : Bjarne , Scaleup   In : Online marketing , Raising capital , 

Crowdfunding has become a very popular way of raising capital. On platforms like Kickstarter, you can create a project around making an album, just like the group De La Soul is doing, or even fund an alternative to socks! Once you hav...

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How To Get A Great ROI On Your Website

  On : April 21, 2015    By : Bjarne , Scaleup   In : Online marketing , Raising capital , online investments , User experience (UX) , 

A common challenge a lot of business owners face is making good online investments. It can seem like you have to know the answer to every question you have before asking, and you might end up spending an arm and a leg with little to show...

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How Can A Better User Experience Lead To Higher Conversion?

One of the hardest challenges you can face is how to make your website easier, and more intuitive, to use. A complicating factor can simply be that you are too close to your site to be objective.

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Is Your Site Ready For Adwords?

If you have put in a substantial amount of effort creating a website, you might be eager to discover if the site can really give you the results you are after. Particularly, if you have a site that looks as sexy as the on...

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