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Package – First Step

The Dip In package is simply a website that has everything your visitors need on one page. It allows your customers to get an idea about what you offer through a quick glance at your page.

If you are a small business selling something simple and just need to have a limited online presence, then this package might be for you. This is an online business card with a simple offer that your customers can take action on.

This package is also good for start-ups that have not quite found their mold. It can turn your website into a place that has the most important information you want to express. Then later when you are.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why would you need Dip In?
This package is ideal if you sell something simple, have a limited budget and still want to look professional. Later, when you are ready to scale up, you can develop your site into something larger.
Q2. What is the cost for the Dip In service?
For a specific quote, adjusted for your needs, contacts us. We will ask you detailed questions so that you can get an accurate estimate on what it takes to build a profitable online presence.
Q3.How long will it take to implement?
It can be delivered within a month.
Q4. Who will work on my project?
You will be assigned a dedicated business analyst that will coordinate the project for you. All you have to do is tell us what you want.
Jeff Sherman
Top Marketing Agency

“Excellent work. Tells you exactly what he will do, how long it will take and what he will charge. He then adheres to this criteria and successfully completes the work.”